products with NGS

from Ukraine to anywhere in the world!
Excellent for export
grain, oil, lumber and polymers

We will help to execute the documents

We will choose the right packaging

We will provide the warehouse for storage

We will arrange shipment to the destination port

Exports to America

Special offer for the delivery of goods to America
for only half the price from April 28

Stages of work using as an example marine
container shipping


Better route selection and transit time

Contract signing

Assistance in cargo documents execution (sending/receipt)

Port forwarding

Cargo delivery to the consignee's warehouse

Customs clearance and unloading

Return of the empty container


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We are worth to work with!

We have a strong team, well-established working mechanisms,
and well-established contacts around the world.

Flexible service conditions

We take care of all logistics and transport related issues

We have clear service conditions

Our team works quickly and cohesively

We insure you against risks and errors

The cost of our services is always clear and reasoned

Need to ship the goods or container?

We offer all types of transportation, assist in importing and exporting of goods